Afekta Technologies Ltd., Finland

Afekta Technologies Ltd. is a science-based SME company established in May 2017. The company provides comprehensive metabolic profiling services for industry and academy utilizing liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry approach with various analytical modes. The technology enables analysis of thousands of metabolic features across a wide polarity range of compounds concomitantly from any biological sample material and can be utilized within any biological study set-up. The service includes the chemical analysis of the samples, multi-step data-analytical procedure involving pre-processing, statistical analysis and identification of the compounds. Since the onset of the company, Afekta has been able to operate without any external venture capital funds. One of the core development areas of Afekta is to provide knowledge and understanding on chemical composition of plant-based food products by employing metabolomics technology. Owing to the highly skilled and experienced team, Afekta is in the forefront of developing tailored metabolomics methods for different fields of nutrition,
medicine and life-sciences.

The metabolomics technology used at Afekta has been developed and used for ca. 10 years in academic research, and now, when licensed for Afekta, ensures a solid, scientifically proven method as a basis for the further development involved in 3D’omics. The core operational team of Afekta has altogether 45
years of cutting edge scientific experience with 6 PhDs in life sciences utilizing mass spectrometry analytics.

Role in the project
In 3D’omics Afekta will be responsible for the development of the metabolomics methods across different work packages, as well as conducting the actual metabolomics measurements using both the newly developed and existing methods. This matches perfectly Afekta’s profile and competencies in developing metabolomics methods for different uses in the life-sciences field. Afekta has leading involvement in developing microsection metabolomics methods (WP4, T4.6), and then applying these
methods in the poultry challenge (WP6, T6.7-6.9) and in the swine challenge (WP7, T7.7-7.9) alongside with the conventional metabolomics methods. Afekta will participate in the development of data-analytical methods involving the data fusion with the other omics methods in the data analysis
work package (WP5).