Aviagen Inc., UK

Aviagen broiler breeders supply day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks to customers in more than
100 countries worldwide. Aviagen also offers specialty breeding stock aimed to give customers flexibility
in their product choice and meet specific market requirements such as the slower-growing, free-range, and
organic segments. The Specialty Male portfolio is a line of males aimed to meet the needs of customers
who are looking for specific performance traits in their broiler breeding stock, including high breast meat
yield, adaptability to environments where elevated temperatures prevail or live production attributes such
as FCR and hatch. The Research & Development department has a proven track record of research
collaborations with academic institutes.

Aviagen has expertise in poultry breeding strategies and measuring a wide range of production and
health based phenotypes in both broiler chickens and turkeys. The research and development
department has a lot of experience carrying out research trials and analysing large complex data sets.
Within the breeding program we have experience of implementing novel technologies and adapting
them to be rapid to ensure high throughput in the farm environment.

Role in the project
Aviagen will provide industry support for the tasks focused on poultry trials (WP6) along with subsequent analyses and interpretation of data. Aviagen will also be involved with implementation (WP8) and impact assessment (WP9) of the technologies developed in the project.