Biomin GmbH, Austria

Biomin is a research-oriented company whose task is to improve animal health and the economic production of animals. Biomin’s core business is the development and manufacturing of innovative and natural feed additives for animal husbandry as well as the consultancy in questions of animal feed safety.
To increase gut performance, Biomin offers feed additives based on probiotic strains (e.g. EU-authorized multi-species symbiotic product for poultry), plant-derived substances or ingredients for mycotoxin inactivation. Products of Biomin are distributed worldwide in 100 countries either by own subsidiaries (e.g. in France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Vietnam, Singapore) or through distribution partners. Recently, Royal DSM announced has acquired Biomin. This gives Biomin access to the network of a leading provider of nutrition solutions for farm productivity and sustainability.
At the Biomin Research Center in Tulln (Austria), more than 100 people are working, among them specialists in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, analytical chemistry, bioprocess development or bioingredient formulation. Next to the development of novel feed additives, Biomin holds strong expertise in the evaluation of products in vitro and in vivo. To this end, various test systems are established to monitor e.g. alterations of the gut microbiota composition, intestinal integrity,
gut morphology or local immune response in livestock.

Science paves the way for Biomin’s economic success. Biomin’s researchers involved in 3D’omics have participated in six FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects, and have coordinated one FP5 project (“Development of a competitive exclusion product for poultry meeting the regulatory requirements in the EU (CEX)”,
QLK5-CT-2001-42326). They authored and co-authored 105 articles. The synbiotic PoultryStar® is an EU-authorized (Commission Regulations 522/2013 & 2015/1105) and award-winning (Innovation Award Eurotier 2016) product for poultry production.

Role in the project
Biomin will be involved in the challenge trials in poultry (WP5, focussing on bacterial pathogen trial, including analysis of time-dependent changes in microbial composition) and the knowledge transfer of 3D’omics technology to the feed industry (WP8, WP9). To show the commitment to the project, Biomin will provide all PoultryStar® formulations for the in vivo trials as well as analysis of selected gut performance/acute phase proteins (WP5) as in-kind contribution.