BIOMIN Holding GmbH, Austria

At BIOMIN we harness the power of science to support animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the livestock industry. For over 30 years we have pioneered innovative solutions for mycotoxin risk management and gut performance. Naturally ahead. Our in-house R&D program at the BIOMIN Research Center is staffed by over 100 scientific researchers and supported by eight Centres for Applied Animal Nutrition and a research network of 200 academic and research institutions globally. Our clients in the poultry, swine, cattle and aquaculture sectors are located in more than 100 countries worldwide. BIOMIN is a proud part of DSM.

Role in the project
Biomin will be involved in the challenge trials in poultry (WP5, focussing on bacterial pathogen trial, including analysis of time-dependent changes in microbial composition) and the knowledge transfer of 3D’omics technology to the feed industry (WP8, WP9). To show the commitment to the project, Biomin will provide all PoultryStar® formulations for the in vivo trials as well as analysis of selected gut performance/acute phase proteins (WP5) as in-kind contribution.