KU Leuven, Belgium

KU Leuven, with its tradition of excellence in teaching and research, is among the top European universities and ranks among the 100 best universities worldwide (85th position according to the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities - Shanghai). The Rega Institute at KU Leuven has played an
outstanding role in the scientific landscape of Belgium and beyond. It is home to the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Transplantation as well as the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, which are known for their breakthrough discoveries in the biomedical sciences and their interdisciplinary approach to research.

The Rega Institute is particularly known for its outstanding research on human pathogens, but has also built a strong track record in microbiome research, with a focus on the human gut microbiome. Rega researchers acquired five ERC grants so far and are involved in several MSCA, COST and ERA-NET programs. Thus, the Rega Institute has extensive experience with gut microorganisms as well as with the coordination and implementation of European projects.

Role in the project
KU Leuven, led by Associate Professor Karoline Faust, will contribute to data analysis and visualisation (WP5), the poultry health challenge (WP6) and the swine nutrition challenge (WP7). The group of Microbial Systems Biology at the Rega Institute, while young, has nevertheless already established an international reputation for its know-how in microbial bioinformatics and sequencing data analysis and is thus well positioned to lead several data analysis tasks.