Novogene Netherlands B.V.

Novogene is a leading provider of genomic services and solutions with cutting-edge high throughput sequencing and bioinformatics expertise and the largest sequencing capacity in the world. Novogene utilizes scientific excellence, a commitment to customer service and unsurpassed data quality to help our
clients realize their research goals in the rapidly evolving world of genomics. With 1,800 employees, multiple branches around the world, 49 NGS-related patents, as well as over 950 publications in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science, the company has rapidly become a world leader in NGS services Novogene Europe, with offices and/or laboratories in UK and the Netherlands, is taking an active role in accelerating genomic studies in Europe. Novogene Europe has been involved in several European collaborative projects, one example is the 10K metagenomics project together with Professor Cisca Wijmenga from the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

Novogene, as the largest sequencing provider in the world, has extensive practical experience handling a variety of tissue types for sequencing purposes. Novogene Europe has completed until 2019 over 100,000 samples, covering applications such as RNAseq, genome seq, meta-genomics and single cell sequencing.

Role in the project
Novogene will contribute to the overall sequencing tasks, adapting the existing whole genome amplification method to new tissue types, and will also be involved in innovating and designing new multiplexing methods suitable for the purpose of this research (WP4). Novogene will utilize its extensive experience in sequencing to make the new protocol scalable, with improved efficiency and automation and significantly reduced cost. Novogene will also perform the sequencing of both 3D’omic and conventional multi-omics libraries in WP6 and WP7.