Norsvin SA, Norway

Norsvin is a breeding company collectively owned by 2.500 Norwegian pig farmers. Norsvin is the only Norwegian company within the area of pig breeding. This includes pure breeding and crossbreeding, using artificial insemination. Norsvin owns and operates Norway’s only boar Artificial Insemination (AI) centre.
This boar centre and the main part of the staff are located in Hamar. The boar centre keeps more than 300 boars and is the biggest boar station in Nordic countries. The international sales and marketing of Norsvin pig lines are organized through the Dutch company Topigs Norsvin, which is also a formalized R&D
The Norsvin R&D team/department has 16 scientists with the main field of genetics, genomics, statistics, computer science, reproduction technology, nutrition and veterinary science. Research is done in close collaboration with our formal R&D collaborator Topigs Norsvin Research Center (TNRC) in the
Netherlands, who will also be heavily involved in this project.

Norsvin has deep knowledge in pig breeding and strategies, and focus already heavily on new developments for efficient and sustainable breeding for the future food production. The company has large experience in pig experiments over time and are routinely collecting a wide range of traits for the already ongoing breeding programs. The researchers are heavily skilled in large scale data analyses, including large complex data sets. Within the breeding program we have experience of implementing novel technologies, and this also involves making the novel traits applicable for routine data collection.

Role in the project
Norsvin will link the results of the 3D'omics technology to existing knowledge of the role of the microbiome in feed efficiency in pigs and qualify whether this technology can enhance genetic improvement in pigs. Norsvin will specifically participate in the swine nutrition challenges (WP6), and the
impact assessment (WP9).