Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine, Berlin

The team
The Pombo laboratory, led by Ana Pombo, develops quantitative approaches to map 3D organisation of genomes, with focus on mammalian (few gigabase) genomes, and how they impact on gene expression. We have developed cryoFISH, Genome Architecture Mapping, and currently develop new technologies in the spatial transcriptomics field. In 3D’omics, we expand our reach to microbiome science. Their team is composed of biochemists, molecular and cell biologists, geneticists, neuroscientists, computational biologists, and physicists, from fourteen countries. They are located at the Berlin Institute for Molecular Medicine of the MDC, in the heart of Berlin, in the Humboldt University Mitte campus.
We are looking for a postdoc with a background in molecular or cellular biology or in bioinformatics of genomics data, and PhD in a relevant area. S/he should have a passion for new genomics technologies and their development, and collaborative interdisciplinary research. Prior expertise in bacterial genome science and/or in next generation sequencing are all priority skills. Experience in bioinformatic analyses of next generation sequencing is not essential, but would be advantageous, especially in metagenomics.

 1 Postdoctoral position to work on the implementation of spatial genomics and transcriptomics on the analysis of microbiotic composition and spatial organisation relative to the intestinal epithelium. The scientist will implement the application of Genome Architecture Mapping technology (Beagrie et al. 2017 Nature; Winick-Ng et al. 2020 BioRxiv) for spatial genomics and transcriptomics of microbiomes and host cells. The postdoctoral fellow will work closely with other partners in the 3D’omics consortium, namely Antton Alberdi, Urvish Trivedi and Carlotta Pietroni in Copenhagen for exploring different sample processing approaches, and later the large scale implementation of the technologies developed for mass-scale data production, and with the Marti-Renon lab, at the CRG in Barcelona, for support and collaboration in the bioinformatics of bacteria genome identification and spatial organisation.