Generating 3D omics landscapes, achieving reconstructions of intestinal host-microbiota ecosystems.

The world's population continues to grow - but the Earth's surface does not.

This urges us all to ensure that the associated need for increased food production is performed in a sustainable fashion, because optimising food production is of critical importance for biodiversity and ultimately humanity.

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Understanding the interplay between animals and microorganisms associated with them has been recognised as an essential topic by the European Commission for improving and optimising animal health, welfare, and production worldwide.

We will develop a framework to generate and analyse 3D’omic data that aims at unveiling microbe-microbe and animal-microbe interactions that have so far remained undetected. Using poultry and swine production systems, the project will analyse the effects of different factors, including animal development, diet, exposure to pathogens, and management practices on the 3D omics landscapes. This innovative research will pave the way to improved animal breeding practices, development of microbiota- and host-tailored feeds and animal health treatments, increasing production efficiency and animal welfare.