Project Cooperations

The 3D'omics project reinforces collaborations with initiatives in related domains to promote coherence and applicability of research on microbial ecosystems. We are always open for new collaborations!


HoloFood is a 'hologenomic' approach that will improve the efficiency of food production systems by understanding the biomolecular and physiological processes affected by incorporating feed additives and 
novel sustainable feeds in farmed animals. Specifically, HoloFood is a framework that integrates a suite of recent analytical and technological developments, that is applicable to any major animal food production system, spanning the full production line.


FindingPheno is creating an integrated computational framework for hologenomic big data, providing the tools to better understand how host-microbiome interactions can affect growth and other outcomes. The tools created in FindingPheno are expected to significantly improve how we understand and utilise the functions provided by microbiomes in combating human diseases as well as the way we produce sustainable food for future generations. 


SIMBA (Sustainable Innovation of Microbiome Applications in Food System) is a European innovation project, funded through Horizon 2020, which provides a holistic and innovative approach to the development of microbial solutions to increase food and nutrition security, in particular focusing on the identification of viable land and aquatic microbiomes that can assist in the sustainability of European agro- and aquaculture.

Sustainable Food Systems Network

The Sustainable Food Systems Network (SFSN) is a virtual platform where actors interested in the transformation of European food systems can connect, interact and inspire each other. SFSN has been initiated in 2020 by the EU funded project FIT4FOOD2030, which advocates for food system transformation through responsible research and innovation. SFSN is for anyone who wants to be up-to-date with activities aimed at creating resilient and sustainable food systems with well-integrated responsible research and innovation practices.
The 3D'omics Project Manager is an SFSN Ambassador - bridging the projects and facilitating information flow. 

Earth HoloGenome Initiative

The Earth HoloGenome Initiative (EHI) aims to promote, facilitate, coordinate and standardise hologenomic research on animal-microbiota systems worldwide.  The interaction between animals and gut microorganisms associated with them impacts a wide range of biological processes of hosts, microbes and environment. Current technology enables precise characterisation of both host genomes and microbial metagenomes, which opens a wealth of possibilities to study how host-microbiota interactions affect key processes such as speciation, adaptation to climate change, disease transmission.

Microbiome Support

The MicrobiomeSupport project contributes to strengthening a sustainable European bioeconomy and supports the European food system transformation in line with the FOOD 2030 policy initiative. Specifically, MicrobiomeSupport assesses microbiome Research and Innovation activities on regional, national and international levels as well as its challenges and opportunities; integrates experts from all parts of the food system microbiome and funding authorities worldwide; and supports the European Commission to implement the International Bioeconomy Forum working group on ‘Food Systems Microbiome’.

Alternatives to Veterinary ANTimicrobials

AVANT is a multi-actor inter-sectorial project aimed at developing alternatives to antimicrobials for the management of bacterial infections in pigs, especially diarrhoea during the weaning period, as the major indication for antimicrobial use in livestock in Europe. During pre-clinical studies, efficacy, toxicity, and mode of action of these interventions is tested, and their dosage and formulation optimized. The results will be used to select three interventions for large-scale farm trials, assessing clinical efficacy and impact on antimicrobial use.


HoloRuminant is a multi-actor project aiming to elucidate the role of ruminant-associated microbiomes and their interplay with the host animal in early life and throughout fundamental life events (e.g. weaning, feed transitions and lactation) that are known to affect health, welfare and environmental efficiency in ruminant production systems. HoloRuminant will use a holistic multi-omics approach to characterize the establishment and dynamics of microbiomes. The 3D'omics consortium joined the HoloRuminant joint dissemination network.

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